After a great Private View last night, today we present to the public Jennifer Louise Martin’s new show ‘Layers’ – the second in our ‘Canvas’ Art Programme.

Alongside mixed media and collage works, we are selling 8 entirely unique customised Overalls at £400.00 each. They are trimmed and painted and embroidered to be truly wearable art pieces.

Right now they are not available to buy online, but if you are interested to see them look at our instagram feed as we reveal them and please call our Soho Flagship store for more information,



The second Artist in our ‘Canvas’ art programme, Jennifer Louise Martin, has just revealed the first completed work – a customised Overall, combining paint, knit and embroidery. It’s a beauty.

We will ultimately be selling 10 Overalls when the ‘Layers’ show starts on August 2.

First come first served.


Canvas pt 2

Given the success of our Robert Alonzi show in July, we are delighted to announce that our second contributor to the ‘Canvas’ programme is Jennifer Louise Martin – a Central St Martin’s Graduate whose current practise explores the intersect of fashion and art.

Her new show ‘Layers’ explores the language and materiality of layering, using paint, knit and hand embroidery. At its centre are some amazing Overalls – the first of which we are revealing on our instagram feed.

Ultimately, 10 uniquely customised Overalls will be available to purchase in our Soho store during the show.

The Private View is on August 2, then the show is open to the public on August 3 during shop hours.